Rencontrez les fondateurs (et leurs amis à fourrure) !

Meet the founders (and their furry friends)!

As a vast majority of families around the world, our day-to-day routine looked a lot like: “work, eat, sleep; repeat”.

This obviously takes a toll on your social life, and on your pets. They don’t see you a lot, they’re alone all day long and when you happen to come home, you are tired and just humanly cannot spend as much time with them as you (or they) would like.

 So, we decided to change.

 We decided to do everything in our power to dedicate our lives to our best friends, our animals. Because let’s face it, they deserve it - and up until now, we did not deserve them.

 That’s why at the Pets Ark, we have decided to offer products that are not only approved by the entire family, but also dedicated to improve your pet’s life, and therefore, yours!

 Please meet our precious companions, who got us started on this journey:


Watch this space for more updates on the Pets Ark!

 The Pets Ark family

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