7 choses à faire à la maison avec son chien

7 things to do at home with your dog

The weather is gloomy, you are stuck at home with your dog and you don't know what to do to keep him busy? Despite the weather, your dogs still need to exercise and interact with you

If you're looking for some creative ideas to spend time with your dogs when you're stuck at home, these 7 ideas are for you!

  • Teach him new tricks

Dogs love to learn new tricks, no matter how well trained they are.
The best way to teach him something new is to work on it daily for short periods of time (about 15 minutes).

If your dog has not yet learned "sit", "down", "stay", "come"; then that's where you should start. After that, don't put any limits on yourself! You can teach him to go through a tunnel, jump over an obstacle, turn around, say hello, etc.

This activity will stimulate and exercise your dog (even if it is less physical than a walk) but it will also establish a learning routine for your dog who will become more and more comfortable learning and discovering new things.

Use the positive reinforcement technique, which consists of praising your dog when he makes progress, or even just when he makes an effort. As soon as your dog confirms the command, give fewer treats until your new trick is completely successful!


  • Have a spa day

If you have nothing else to do, take care of your furry friend! Why not take a shower, take care of the claws, do a paw treatment, or give your dog a good brushing - your dog will appreciate it and you will have a good time together.


  • Prepare a "sniffari"

The concept is to let your dog walk you, as he follows the scents he wants to discover. It's best to use a longer leash than usual. It is your dog who decides where he goes, according to the smells or attractions he likes.


  • Take some pictures

We're not going to lie, you already have a bunch of pictures in your phone, so take advantage of your free time to do a photoshoot!

Selfies or portrait with decoration, take the time to discover your dog and his faces under his most beautiful angles.


  • Make homemade treats

Don't just bake a cake for yourself anymore, put some energy aside and bake your dog some homemade treats.

Peanut butter, banana, apple or fresh vegetables, use your creativity and your dog's favorite foods to make delicious cookies, smoothies or purees.


  • Play hide and seek

Order your dog to go to his place, and then go hide. Once hidden, call your dog. Don't forget the hugs and kisses once he finds you!

Another variation of the game is to hide his favorite toy or treat without him seeing you do it, and then ask him to look for it!

This seemingly simple and futile exercise will actually train your dog to search for objects (or humans), perfect for mental and physical stimulation.

  • Get a minimum amount of physical exercise

One outing per day minimum, or several smaller outings depending on the weather. If your dog likes to fetch, take the time to do so daily.

Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog!




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